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Not-So-Strong Baby

Title: Not-So-Strong Baby
Pairing: Seung Ri/Perry (kind of)
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG
Beta: Tama
Summary: Seung Ri's ego is a wee bit inflated.

Seung Ri was having an excellent day. An excellent month, in fact. Things had changed since he'd released Strong Baby - he wasn't just the little maknae, now, and people were starting to notice him. He was particularly proud of having proven that one didn't need to have enormous arms and prehensile pectoral muscles to be considered sexy (no offense to Young Bae, of course).

And he undoubtedly was sexy, now. Many of the girls in the studio had started eyeing him up, even flirting with him sometimes, and while he would've found it intimidating just a year ago, he was basking in the attention now. He'd caught Bom looking at him with more than passing interest the other day, and CL had admitted he looked "pretty hot" in his stage outfit. Those three girls from the Crazy crew had even stopped patting him on the head condescendingly as they filed past him after dance practice, and just two minutes ago, one of them had pulled him aside to invite him out for lunch.

He'd had to say no, of course - his schedule was packed for the next couple of weeks - but he'd told her to ask again when things wound down a little, and there was a slight spring in his step as he made his way to the meeting room the rest of Big Bang were most likely already in.

He opened the door and Seung Hyun immediately grinned at him. "Did she ask you out?"

"Yeah, but I said no," Seung Ri replied airily. He repressed a grin at the stunned look he got in return, then noticed Perry looking at him. Maybe he was angry that Seung Ri had been two minutes late. "Hi, hyung."

He didn't know what had possessed him to say hi in English, or to add a flirtatious lilt to his voice. The reaction, though, made it clear Perry wasn't angry. He blinked, then a tiny smile curled his lips. "Hi. How are you?"

"Really fine," he replied, and that had probably sounded awkward because he heard Ji Yong snort quietly. Not that he cared - Perry's eyes were definitely following him as he walked over to sit at the table, and he was busy considering the whole new vista of possibilities that had suddenly opened up in his mind, all of them incredibly amusing.

"... So uh, we're gonna look over Wonderful today. Just got done translating it." Perry handed each of them a sheet with English lyrics.

"Thanks, hyung," Seung Ri said as he took his, smiling at Perry. He saw Ji Yong raising his eyebrows at him across the table, but just ignored him in favor of reading through the lyrics and trying to decipher as much of them as he could. He didn't know why Perry kept using the term "translating", because his English lyrics never had much to do with the original ones, and they usually had to be translated back to Korean to make sure everyone more or less understood what they were singing. Which was why they were sitting there.

He managed to read the whole thing, frowning, then looked up at Perry. "What's 'ride'?"

"It's like 'go for a ride', right? In a car?" Dae Sung said, leaning forward.

Perry shook his head. "Nah, it's different here. It's like, uh..." He looked at Seung Ri, then down at his papers, fiddling with one corner of the top sheet, apparently struggling to find a synonym he'd understand.

Ji Yong piped up with something pretty obscene. Seung Ri blinked at him, then looked at Perry, who managed to grin and look vaguely embarrassed at the same time. "Yeah, that's it."

He'd never seen Perry look embarrassed before. It made him feel strangely... satisfied. "Oh, like if your boyfriend's sitting on you?"

Seung Hyun coughed and spluttered against his can of Diet Coke and Young Bae looked up from his electronic dictionary, staring wordlessly with his index finger hovering over the keyboard. Seung Ri almost regretted blurting that out, but then he saw Perry's mouth hanging open and decided he had no regrets whatsoever.

"No... I mean, yeah. Like that. Uh..." His eyes flicked back down to his stack of papers, which he straightened carefully. "... Anyway, thought we'd start with, like, pronunciation--"

"He doesn't have a boyfriend," Ji Yong said, eyeing Seung Ri.

Perry let out a laugh. "Yo, mind your own business."

"Really?" Seung Ri inquired, giving Perry a mildly curious look. "That's surprising."

Perry looked back at him silently for a moment, obviously thinking. "Yeah, well..." He finally just shrugged and looked at those papers yet again, tapping his pen on the table. He was smiling, though. "GD, you wanna start?"

Seung Ri mostly behaved for the rest of the meeting, since he did need to learn how to say his verse properly. Between the satisfaction of knowing he was getting to Perry so easily and the possibility of a future girlfriend, he still felt incredibly good about himself and his life in general by the time they called it quits. He grabbed his pencil and the lyrics and shoved them into his bag, deciding he'd ask their manager if they could go get some ice cream before going to their Japanese lesson. A chocolate ice cream cone would make his day pretty close to utter perfection.

"Hey, Vicky, stay here for a sec."

It took a few seconds before Seung Ri even realized he was talking to him. Victory. Right. He eased himself back into his chair, slouching a little, and looked at Perry inquisitively. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Dae Sung and Young Bae pause near the door, and Ji Yong stayed at the table and started to fold his lyrics, slowing his movements down to a ridiculous crawl. Seung Hyun joined Dae Sung and Young Bae but kept watching him, looking confused.

Perry stood up, walked over to his side of the table and hoisted himself up onto it, right next to him, before raising an eyebrow. "Whatcha playin' at?"

"What?" Seung Ri replied innocently, raising his eyebrows back at him. He thought he'd understood the general meaning of the question, but... well, that was no fun.

"You're... Never mind," he said with another little smile and a shake of his head. Then he apparently decided that his spot on the table gave him a nice vantage point, because he looked at Seung Ri - really looked at him. Seung Ri would've been embarrassed by the slow, appreciative scrutiny, but he was distracted by the giddy smugness that swelled inside him every time he noticed that yet another person had the hots for him.

The thorough once-over ended with Perry looking into his eyes. "Listen, you wanna meet up for a drink tonight? Just the two of us," he clarified, although his low voice had made that clear enough already. "My place ain't far from the studios, so I can drive you back in the morning."

Seung Ri suddenly crashed back to Earth and sat up straight, blinking as several realizations fully hit him at the same time: He'd been hitting on his producer. His gay, foreign producer. And now his gay, foreign producer actually wanted to...

He couldn't even finish that thought. He breathed in to say something, and discovered he'd somehow lost the light, flirty tone of voice he'd been using all day - what tumbled out of his mouth was uncontrollably, mortifyingly squeaky. "I-I'm not really allowed to drink yet and anyway I'm kind of, you know, busy, because of my solo song and all, and..."

He stood up, discovered that the new position put him uncomfortably close to Perry's face, took a step back and nearly tripped over his chair. He managed to stay on his feet by grabbing onto it clumsily. "And uh, I have to go now, but thanks, I mean, it's nice of you but maybe you should invite Ji Yong instead because um. Anyway, bye," he choked out as he backed away, then finally turned his back on Perry as he headed for the door. His face felt burning hot and he didn't dare meet anyone's eyes. He started to wonder how offensive his reaction had been, though, and couldn't help but glance over his shoulder before he walked out of the room.

What he saw was Ji Yong and Perry exchanging wide, amused grins. That managed to relieve him slightly and add to his embarrassment, somehow. Perry probably hadn't even really meant that invitation. What the hell had he been doing, thinking he could flirt with an American guy twice his age? Who also happened to be his producer, which meant Seung Ri would have to see him again in the near future. He could barely stifle a groan at the thought.

"Is that how you said no to the Crazy chick, too?" Seung Hyun asked as he caught up to him, his grin even wider than Ji Yong's had been.

Seung Ri let out that groan he'd been trying to hold back, too mortified to try speaking again. He was never ever going to live this one down - so much for his perfect day. Maybe if he acted like a good little maknae and did the laundry and the dishes for a few days (or weeks), Ji Yong and Seung Hyun wouldn't tell all of Crazy what he'd just done, at least.
Tags: !humor, !m/m, !series, artist: big bang, artist: perry, pairing: perry/seungri
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