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Kinsey 5.9999... deleted scenes

The Perry/CL fic I just wrote was originally going to include more stuff, but after thinking about it for a while, I decided to write the somewhat-ambiguous end I posted (after some advice from my beta readers <3).

I had time to write a scene and a half while I was trying to decide what to do, though, and I'm pretty fond of them even though they have no place in the story. So here they are. XD;


"And then we kissed. Oh, and he's got really cool tattoos on his chest. There's this hanja thing that's like--"

Pak Bom laughs. "C'mon, I don't care about the tattoos. What'd he do?"

CL eyes the selection of Pringles, trying to remember what Min Ji said she wanted. She blinks at the "ethnic chili" flavor, wondering what the hell that even means, then gives a mental shrug and grabs the can. "He put his hand down my pants."

"... No way."

She grins, kind of enjoying herself. Pak Bom's been hanging on to her every word. "Way. And he's really good at giving head."

This time it takes a while before Pak Bom stops laughing. "I can't believe he did that! So why does he keep saying he's gay, anyway?"

She picks a cinammon roll for herself and a bottle of jasmine tea for Sandara before heading to the register. "'Cause he is? He wouldn't let me touch him or anything." She digs some money out of her purse and hands it to the cashier, then waits while Pak Bom pays for her dried mango slices.

"Still," she says as they walk out of the convenience store. "I wouldn't do all that stuff unless I was a lesbian or something."

CL thinks about that for a moment. "... I dunno. Is it really that big a deal?" She thinks about it some more. "Maybe I'm bi."

"Well, maybe Perry's bi too."

"Yeah," CL replies, even though it doesn't feel quite right. Pak Bom's the one who studied psychology, though. "D'you think I should, like... try to do something to him? 'Cause it's not really fair if he just keeps, y'know."

She snickers. "... Yeah. I guess you could if you want to. I say it's his problem if he won't let you touch him, though."

CL mms in reply and keeps thinking as they walk back to their apartment. She doesn't think she wants to go all the way with Perry, because she can't imagine it being anything other than really awkward or really funny, but... things would feel less weird if she could get him at least a little bit interested in the proceedings. There has to be a way.


Perry apparently becomes really busy over the following week, and she has to resort to drastic measures - calling him - after trying fruitlessly to hunt him down in the studios. Ji Yong told her not to even bother when he gave her Perry's number, suggesting that she e-mail him instead, but her mind goes blank every time she opens her laptop to do so. Calling him seems better than not trying anything and sitting in her room thinking about him.

He picks up after five rings, sounding vaguely irritated. "Yeah?"

"Hi. Um, it's Faith."

"... Oh, is that what your name is?"

She blinks, then cracks up. "You didn't know my name?"

"What's CL stand for, then?"

"Chae Lee. D'you wanna hang out? I thought we could--"

"Wait, wait, lemme guess. Booty call?"

She laughs again despite herself. "No! ... Well, maybe," she adds, then decides to pull out the big guns. "But I thought we could watch a movie or something. You've got, like, ten million DVDs."

That works beautifully (it was a tip from Ji Yong, too), and forty-five minutes later she's on that couch yet again, waiting for Perry to finish whatever it is he's working on. She's under strict orders not to bother him until he's done ("or else you ain't gettin' any", he said), but she's going stir-crazy.

"Can I check out your DVDs?" she finally asks, turning toward the dining room table.

He barely glances at her out of the corner of his eye. "Yeah."

She stands up and walks over to the impressive collection, then picks a shelf at random and skims over some titles. There are lots of American action movies. Not really surprising. The Pixar movies, though, make her smile. She's about to check out Ratatouille when something on another shelf catches her eye. She blinks and leans down to get a better look, almost laughing out loud when she realizes what she's looking at. Gay porn. Of course. She grabs one of the DVDs, eyeing it thoughtfully.


That's as far as I got. You can probably see where I was going with it.
Tags: !m/f, artist: 2ne1, artist: perry, pairing: perry/cl
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