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Bringing Sexy Back (Perry/Seung Ri)

Title: Bringing Sexy Back
Pairing: Perry/Seung Ri
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Seung Ri is slightly desperate.
A/N: Sequel to Not-So-Strong Baby. This is birthday fic for ijiified, who asked for Seung Ri getting laid.

didn't mean to spook you that bad, kiddo

write korean please?

i did not mean to scare you. it was just a joke.
i hope GD is not teasing you about it a lot.

it's okay, i'm used to it. and you didn't scare me, anyway.
you sound so polite when you write in korean, hyung. it's kind of weird kkk

fuck off
you looked scared. i think you are lying.

well i'm not.
it was just the first time a man hit on me you know


are you sure it was just a joke?


because you liked it when i was flirting

yes. you're cute.

so you'd have sex with me if i wanted to?


well it's been a while since i had a girlfriend...

you horny?

i had to look that up you know ^^,, stop speaking english

i will pick you up in half an hour.


Seung Ri stared at his phone, a tiny part of him horrified by what he'd just managed to do. The rest of him was just eager to get laid again. It had been so easy, too - Perry clearly did like him, and that thought was enough to conjure back some of that giddy smugness.

Thirty minutes. That was enough time to shower and put on some nice cologne and pick out something to wear that Perry would like. That last part was a little difficult, until he remembered those kind-of-too-tight jeans in the back of his closet, which Ji Yong had said would give him a nice ass if only he'd had one in the first place. Seung Ri could tell he'd just been envious and bitter - it wasn't like Ji Yong had any ass to speak of.

He stood on the curb for three minutes and had time to wonder whether Perry was sitting in his apartment laughing at him before the red Ferrari finally showed up. Seung Ri stepped forward, opened the door and gave Perry his most winning smile as he climbed in. "Hello."

"Hey." Perry looked vaguely amused, but his eyes lingered on him. A good start, Seung Ri thought. "Buckle up."

"... Yes?"

Perry sighed. "Jesus, kid. Put on the..." He waved a hand in his direction. "... car belt," he finally tried in Korean.

Oh. Seung Ri did so, feeling stupid, then smiled at Perry again. "It's cute when you speak Korean."

"You don't have to keep flirting with me, you know," he said as he drove off. He had that amused glint in his eyes when he glanced over, though, and Seung Ri thought it'd be best not to listen to him.

"I like flirting. Are we going to your place?"

"Yeah. Someone can recognize you if we go to a love hotel, right?"

At least his Korean didn't sound as stilted face-to-face. Seung Ri had to hold back a laugh at the idea of being spotted in a love hotel, never mind with Perry. Sajangnim would probably cancel his contract. "Right."

Perry's iPod was plugged into his car. Seung Ri picked it up on impulse and started scrolling through the long list of artists. Perry's eyes flicked over to him, but he said nothing, so Seung Ri lined up Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds album before setting the iPod back down. He was happy to know that he and Perry had something in common other than a sex drive, and, well, that album didn't seem like a bad way to set the mood.

Perry grinned when he recognized what was playing. "Cute," he said, glancing at him again, and reached over to put one hand on his leg. The warm, heavy pressure of it and the idle back-and-forth of his thumb on Seung Ri's knee was more than enough to jumpstart his imagination, and he slouched a little in the seat, spreading his legs further. Perry's hand crept further up his leg. They were on the same wavelength - great.

"So, what were you thinking about doing?" Perry asked, then switched to English. "Gonna fuck me?"

Not so much on the same wavelength just then. Seung Ri fought back the urge to laugh or blush or show his embarrassment in any way at all. "I don't really like anal sex," he managed, fairly calmly despite the fact that his heart rate had just about tripled since Perry had put his hand on him.

"You don't like it or you've never tried?"

"... Um, both," Seung Ri replied, feeling like he was rapidly losing control over this entire situation.

Perry snorted. "Fine. What else don't you like?" His fingers curled around his inner thigh, caressing slowly, and Seung Ri tried to think.

"Well, I've never really kissed a guy, so um..."

"You don't wanna fuck, you don't wanna kiss..." Perry stopped at a red light and looked at him. "You just want me to suck your dick, huh?"

"Ah, well--" Seung Ri cleared his throat. "Yes."

He'd half-expected to get tossed out of the car and have to walk back to Big Bang's apartment with his tail between his legs, but Perry simply blinked at him, then laughed and shook his head. "Fair enough."

He drove on, a smile lingering on his face as he tapped his fingers against Seung Ri's thigh to the beat of Sexyback. A minute later he'd parked the car in a tiny, silent street and unbuckled his seatbelt. Seung Ri did the same, but Perry grabbed him by the arm when he moved to open the door. "I don't live here, stupid," he said, then reached for the zipper of his jeans.

"Hey-- but-- what if someone sees?" Seung Ri blurted out in a very uncool manner. He took a deep breath to calm himself. No one would see them at this hour.

"Tinted windows."

That too. Perry's hand closed around his half-hard cock, pulled it out of his pants and started stroking slowly. Never mind the fact that Perry was a man and not really attractive - that firm, confident grip beat all of Seung Ri's ex-girlfriends and their giggly hesitation. He moaned in approval, his cock hardening rapidly, and Perry shot him a smirk before leaning over.

Seung Ri panicked for half a second - no kissing, he'd said - but Perry only went for his neck, biting lightly at the spot below his ear in a way that sent shivers running down his spine. "Nice cologne," he murmured, then pressed a kiss an inch lower before biting again. "What is it?"

"It's-- I don't know," Seung Ri said, squirming, pushing his cock into Perry's fist. "It's Young Bae's."

Perry smiled against his neck, then gave the same spot a sucking kiss that made Seung Ri's hips jerk up even as he hoped it wouldn't leave a mark. "You're too fucking cute," he muttered, then leaned down. The first slow stroke of his tongue, wet warmth and then the cool kiss of the night air, had Seung Ri moaning again. He moved his arm out of Perry's way and let it hover uncertainly in the air for a few seconds as he tried to decide where to put his hand. He decided against messing up Perry's hair without permission and settled for his back instead.

He alternated between licking along the length of his cock and stroking it slowly until Seung Ri was squirming in his seat, biting his lip to avoid saying something embarrassing. By the time he finally started sucking softly, his lips caressing the head of his cock and his tongue teasing at the slit, Seung Ri had threaded his fingers through Perry's short hair, having long forgotten his previous reservations.

He thrust up into Perry's mouth, experimentally, and Perry reacted by taking him in even deeper and starting to bob his head. It didn't take long before the steady pace and suction had Seung Ri hanging on by a thread, with only the idea of being tossed out onto the sidewalk preventing him from coming into Perry's mouth. "Wait, stop," he choked out. "I'm gonna come."

"So come," Perry said. "Whaddya think I'm waiting for?" And he went right back to it.

Seung Ri had time to feel vaguely amazed and wonder why none of his girlfriends had ever said something like that before his mind shut down and he came so hard he forgot how to breathe. Perry milked every last drop out of him, sucking and stroking slowly until Seung Ri pulled on his shirt to stop him, clumsy and shuddering with the aftershocks.

He closed his eyes briefly, catching his breath, and when he opened them again Perry was watching him from the driver's seat, rubbing himself through his jeans. Seung Ri tucked himself back into his pants, zipped them up, and tried to figure out what to do with himself. At least Perry had stopped staring.

Correction: Perry had stopped staring to undo his own belt and pants, as it turned out. Seung Ri didn't even pretend he wasn't peeking - he didn't think Perry would mind, anyway. His cock was thick but not very long, which Seung Ri supposed was fitting enough. It looked like it wouldn't be that difficult to take it into his mouth.

Perry tilted his head back and closed his eyes as he started jerking off. Seung Ri wondered what he was thinking about, then wondered when Perry would tell him to take over. He waited.

Perry's breathing quickened. He stroked and teased himself until the tip of his cock glistened with precome, and still he said nothing. He wasn't expecting anything from Seung Ri, apparently, and that bothered him a little. He didn't look that incompetent, did he?

"Can I do it?"

Perry turned his head and raised an eyebrow at him, his hand stilling around the base of his cock. Finally he just nodded slightly toward it, one corner of his mouth curling up. Seung Ri could recognize a challenge when he saw one and bent down before he could even think of chickening out.

He stuck his tongue out for a taste, first, and blinked at the unpleasant, musky bitterness of it. He decided it wasn't unpleasant enough to give up before he'd even really tried, though, and his next lick was longer and more deliberate. Perry started stroking himself again, a short, twisting motion that left the head of his cock free for Seung Ri to lick. So he did.

"Yeah, that's nice," Perry said huskily above him. I should've said something too, Seung Ri thought, because it was reassuring to know he was doing something right. He'd been struck dumb by the sheer awesomeness of what Perry had been doing, though, and... And Perry didn't need any advice on how to give blowjobs, obviously. He discarded the thought and focused on the task at hand. And mouth.

Licking just made him feel like an overgrown cat after a while. He flicked his tongue against the tip of Perry's cock one last time before taking it into his mouth carefully. It felt a lot bigger in his mouth than out of it, somehow, but he did his best to keep his teeth out of the way as he sucked.

Perry removed his hand, after a moment, and raised his hips a little, the blunt head of his cock sliding deeper into Seung Ri's mouth, rubbing against the roof of it. Seung Ri was sure he'd choke or gag or scrape his teeth against him, but none of that happened, so he took a careful breath through his nose and started moving his head like Perry had done.

Perry guided him through it, stroking his hair in encouragement and moaning quiet, obscene-sounding things in English whenever he did something nice. It took a long time, though, or at least it felt like it, and Seung Ri's jaw ached by the time Perry finally pulled on his hair in warning.

He wasn't going to play the inexperienced little maknae card now. He shook his head slightly and sucked harder, mentally bracing himself. The first spurt was hot and slimy against his tongue, and the taste was -- Seung Ri pulled back, swallowing convulsively as he tried not to gag, and the rest of it got on his chin and cheek and Perry's jeans and he looked up, about to apologize, but Perry was looking at him like he was still doing it right, his eyes half-lidded and his lips parted slightly, so Seung Ri smiled and pretended that had been the intended result.

Perry smiled back, swept his thumb over Seung Ri's cheek and pressed it against his mouth. Seung Ri's desire to be sexy and awesome kicked in before his common sense did, and he screwed his eyes shut as he sucked Perry's finger clean. The stuff didn't taste any better after it'd had a moment to cool. He turned his head away, coughed and straightened up, and Perry gave him a lazy, amused look before leaning forward to get a pack of tissues from the glove compartment.

The tissues didn't look like they were helping much with Perry's jeans, but at least Seung Ri felt presentable again after wiping his face clean. He kind of wanted to scrub his tongue, too, but he was pretty sure that'd be rude.

"Gonna drive you back home," Perry said after straightening up his clothes. "Unless you wanna come over and fuck."

Seung Ri wondered what the proper etiquette was for such situations. "Maybe next time, hyung."

He looked at him sideways as he drove off. "Really?"


Perry laughed and shook his head. "'S all right. Didn't think so." He put his hand on Seung Ri's knee again, just a casual gesture of affection this time. "That was pretty good, though."

Seung Ri shot him a smile before slouching to a more comfortable position, basking in the afterglow and the quiet thrill of having seduced his thirty-something producer in his expensive car. ... Seduced probably wasn't the right word, but still. It had been a very nice experience, overall. He'd just had the most mind-blowing orgasm of his entire life, and Perry - gay Perry, who'd probably been with dozens of men - thought he was good at giving blowjobs. He'd have to lord that over Ji Yong as soon as he got home.
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